Laser cutting, sheet metal bending

This technical process is not complicated in itself and boils down to the deformation of the material in such a way that its curvature changes, but the transverse dimensions remain the same

. Sheet metal bending precedes the cutting of elements, and after it there is also a stage of smoothing and painting. Giving the right shape could not take place without the right machine intended for this process, i.e. a bending machine or press brake.

How does sheet metal bending occur?

It has to undergo 3 processes to be bent. In the first phase, elastic bending occurs, then plastic bending, and finally there is injection. During that phase, the sheets are rolled, bent, as well as twisted, profiled and straightened. When the sheet metal is not thick, bending takes place in the cold, which eliminates the risk of material transformation. Thicker sheets are subjected to heat treatment. The type of bending is selected for the material, texture and, of course, the aforementioned thickness. Not only various techniques are used to bend sheet metal, but also devices. The most popular is the previously mentioned press brake, it is also often used in rollers. For example, in the manufacture of pipes, strips or sections. Both allow you to obtain various shapes and repeat them.